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Located near the Paper Museum along the Rhine, Fanal was created in 1966 by Marie-Therese Vacossin, a Parisian artist who settled in Basel, and a fellow student, Marcel Mazar. The workshop occupies 500 m² in the attic of an old paper mill and is dedicated to silkscreen and engraving. It also provides an area for the exhibition of original works by artists of constructive tendency.

Fanal enables the artist to collaborate closely with the craftsman (silkscreen printer or engraver) in a peaceful and friendly environment. The experience of the printer allows the artist to explore the possibilities offered by the medium. To this day, about 77 artists have spent time or collaborated with the workshop. The valuable nature of the artwork is assured by a limited edition.

The line followed by Fanal has always been the constructed line, Art Construit - a style of art that does not deviate from the rigor and precision of construction. The work's only reference lies in itself and its own characteristics. The practice of this art is certainly not an easy process, but the many contacts established over the years have continually comforted Fanal in its endeavor.